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We propel choreographic works onto the world stage

DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse supports the creation, production and presentation of choreographic projects at the forefront of dance and the performing arts. The company offers personalized, strategic assistance to artists seeking to get their work into the national and international spotlight, thereby also promoting the art of choreography.


Throughout the years, DLD has helped develop a market for 13 creators, resulting in the presentation of 43 works in 157 cities around the world.


Currently, the company supports the work of its artistic director Frédérick Gravel, and of its founder, Daniel Léveillé. Also, DLD is currently promotes the creations of Nicolas Cantin, Alix Dufresne, Ellen Furey, Catherine Gaudet, Stéphane Gladyszewski and Étienne Lepage. Occasionally, the company supports other artists on specific projects.



Mots EN
Daniel Léveillé_© Émilie Tournevache au

I’ve always been convinced that the contemporary dance and performing arts milieus have everything to gain from sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise. The role of artistic director of DLD presented itself as a challenge that I was delighted to take on, since it is fully aligned with my artistic approach. The company’s values are close to my heart and I want this unique and innovative organization, which propels the arts to new heights, to continue existing, growing and helping artists reach their full potential.


The experience I’ve gained over the past 15 years in creating and presenting my repertoire will help me in my new role as artistic director. It will also allow me to reflect on how to develop my activities and those of our talented creators, as well as the performing arts in general, in a sustainable way.


I see this association as a confirmation of our mutual trust. The company believes in my artistic work and I believe in the company’s mission. We agree on the organization’s goals. I have no doubt that we will help each other move forward.


Our association is also an exchange of responsibilities. I’m committed to bringing exciting, relevant projects to this organization as it continues to support my artistic work.



From 1991 to 2002, Daniel Léveillé Danse allowed me to fulfil my aspirations as a creator. Over time, as the company opened its doors to other creators, its artistic identity gradually changed, shaped by works other than my own. This evolution occurred in an entirely natural way. Today DLD is a forward-looking dance management organization serving visionary artists who dare to redefine the art of choreography and the performing arts in general.


Searching for Structural Models in Dance


I have observed, assessed and challenged our most promising creators and dancers. I have supported their artistic growth by creating opportunities to showcase their work despite severe economic constraints. I have joined the entire DLD team in setting up alternative modes of operation in order to optimize these artists’ development. Through all of these actions, I believe I have helped strengthen the dance community.


After several years of exceptional growth, DLD’s sustainability became a critical issue. How could we ensure that the company would have the necessary resources to evolve in the long term and advance even further? How could we combine our ideals of excellence with our desire to remain open to all innovative trends?


A New Cycle


These questions led to a structural reorganization and my decision to hand over the role of artistic director to Frédérick Gravel, marking the start of a new chapter in the DLD story. Backed by a solid and dedicated team, Frédérick will breathe new life into this unique, innovative and promising organization. 


I will remain closely involved with DLD as a member of its board of directors. The company will also continue to be an important vehicle for me to present my works.




Raison d'être EN



DLD supports Quebec choreographers at the forefront of dance and the performing arts by helping them develop and present their repertoire. We ensure that their works are showcased at home and abroad, enhancing their visibility and longevity. As a producer, the company allows the artistic director and founder to continue creating works over the long term.




DLD acts as a vehicle and catalyst. It seeks to protect artists who might otherwise spread themselves too thin, giving them the time and space they need to focus on their creative work.




VITALITY in contemporary dance creation

INNOVATION on stage and backstage

COLLABORATION as a driving force

OPENNESS to hybrid artistic forms

RECOGNITION of artists and cultural workers




Support the development, production, promotion and presentation of works by the company’s artistic director, Frédérick Gravel, and by its founder, Daniel Léveillé;


2  Develop strategies to promote and develop markets for the projects of its associate creators;


3  Ensure that associate creators’ shows are presented on national and international stages;


4  Offer activities to create bridges between artists, the professional community and the general public through panel discussions, conferences and dance workshops, as well as through its biennial event, Série B.




The board of directors ensures good governance of the company and adopts its artistic policy. It appoints the artistic director and executive director, and gives them the joint mandate of applying the company’s artistic policy.


The artistic director interprets the company’s artistic policy and acts as its spokesperson.


The executive director oversees the development of company activities as part of his or her mission and according to objectives set by the board of directors.


The artistic director and the executive director are jointly responsible for selecting the creators that the company will support.


Historique EN

1991 – Choreographer Daniel Léveillé founds the company Daniel Léveillé nouvelle danse inc. (later Daniel Léveillé Danse) in order to support the creation and presentation of his works.


1994 – The company begins a rich collaborative relationship with Agora de la danse and its artistic and executive director, Francine Bernier. Agora will present all of Daniel Léveillé’s works over an 18-year period.


2002 – Amour, acide et noix (2001) receives rave reviews. Daniel Léveillé is later awarded the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Choreography, as well as the People’s Choice Award by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. The company hires renowned talent agent George Skalkogiannis to embark on its international journey. 


2003 – Marie-Andrée Gougeon, an experienced dancer, instructor and rehearsal director, becomes the company’s general manager.


2006 – The company sets up a sponsorship program to offer its development and presentation expertise to other artists. The program is an instant success and soon becomes one of the company’s core activities.


2007 – Daniel Léveillé begins an important relationship with the Festival TransAmériques (FTA), who co-produces and presents Crépuscule des oceans (2007) and all his following works: Solitudes solo (2012), Solitudes duo (2015), Quatuor tristesse (2018). 


2010 – Frédérick Gravel applies to the sponsorship program in order to take his piece Gravel Works (2008) to Austin, Texas. He becomes an associate creator with the company.


2015 – The 2014-2015 season proves to be exceptionally prolific for Frédérick Gravel, whose creations Gravel Works (2008), All Hell is Breaking Loose, Honey (2010), Usually Beauty Fails (2012) and Thus Spoke… (2013) are presented at 45 occasions on national and international stages.


2017 – Daniel Léveillé is awarded the Grand Prix de la danse de Montréal for his unique choreographic signature, his artistic integrity, and his remarkable contribution to supporting other artists and transmitting dance works through DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse.

Official announcementAcceptance speech (in French only)


2018 – After 27 years at the company’s helm, Daniel Léveillé steps down as artistic director and hands over the reins to Frédérick Gravel. The company is now referred to by the acronym DLD to underscore this important change. Official announcement 

2019 – Marie-Andrée Gougeon is awarded the Prix de la danse de Montréal, catégorie Gestionnaire culturel(le) for her 22 of loyal involvement in the company. The jury sought to recognize her rigorous practice, her vision and audacity. 

Official announcementAcceptance speech (in French only)





Since 2006   Stéphane Gladyszewski

Since 2010    Frédérick Gravel

Since 2012    Nicolas Cantin

Since 2013    Étienne Lepage

Since 2018    Catherine Gaudet

Since 2019    Ellen Furey

Since 2020   Alix Dufresne





2006-2009   Antonja Livingstone

2007-2009   Martin Bélanger

2009-2010   Chanti Wadge

2009-2012   Julie Andrée T.

2013-2018    Dana Michel

2017-2019    Manuel Roque

DLD ACROSS THE GLOBE (until June 30, 2019 incl.)


Équipe EN


Administration Office 

1 514 504-8715



Frédérick Gravel



Marie-Andrée Gougeon


Clémence Roux



in transition


Mégane Trudeau



Laurent Forget


Marie-Hélène Côté


Cassandre Lescarbeau


NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT for Frédérick Gravel, Étienne Lepage and Daniel Léveillé

George Skalkogiannis, agent

Mobile  1 514 237-6878



Marie-Andrée Gougeon

Office 1 514 504-8712

Mobile 1 514 567-7840

France +33 (0) 6 12 84 61 40

Marta Oliveres, agent

Mobile +34 610 802 931



Marie-Andrée Gougeon

1 514 504-8712



Astride DieujustePresident

Director of Finance, Skyfold inc

Paul Tanguay – Vice President


Pierre-Olivier SaireSecretary

Management consultant and founding partner, Daigle/Saire

Nicolas Leduc – Treasurer

Programme genuine, Autodesk Canada

Laurence LemieuxBoard member

Artistic director, Citadel + Compagnie


Daniel LéveilléBoard member


Frédérick GravelBoard member

Choreographer, danser, lighting designer, artistic director, DLD

Marie-Andrée Gougeon - Board member

General manager, DLD

Lucie-Claude Lalonde - Board member

Lawyer, Vice President, Legal Affaires, Cascades


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Documents DLD



Contact EN

DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse

2025, rue Parthenais, bureau 302

Montréal (Québec), H2K 3T2, Canada

1 514 504-8715


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